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Every Day Direct Mail (EDDM)

EDDM is an unique direct mail solution to reach more local customers, boost sales, and at the same time, save you time and money!

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)


Looking for a way to reach new customers for a fraction of direct mail costs!

The cost-effective solution you are looking for is EDDM aka Every Door Direct Mail. EDDM is a service from the USPS that lets you widely distribute your mail to certain postal carrier routes for a fraction of the cost! The mailers are sent to a certain geographical location without a name or address but simply state “Local Postal Customer”. In a nutshell, EDDM is an unique direct mail solution to reach more local customers, boost sales, and at the same time, save you time and money!

addressers’ advantage

Benefits of EDDM

  • Our in-house and state-of-the-art printing and pressure sealing equipment allows us to guarantee:

    • Lowest rates and highest quality of any competitors!

    • Full Turnkey Service!

  • Next Day Turnaround Capability!

  • Work with our design staff to create highly customizable and quality EDDM that work best for you!

    • Logo on the statement, full color, print messages, etc

  • Our staff will keep a constant communication with regular updates to guarantee on-time mailing and high quality services

  • Complete Mailing Service: Addressers is a full service mailing company that can save you time and money by having all our services in-house including printing, pressure sealing, packaging, folding, and mailing.

  • Cost-effective solution to reach local neighborhoods around your business

    • Ability to target neighborhoods by certain segments including income and household size

  • No mailing lists are required because you are using carrier routes or zip codes provided by the USPS

    • Saves you additional direct mail costs for mailing lists

  • Postage costs are a fraction of what you would originally pay for other direct mailers

    • Nonprofits receive an additional postage cost reduction

  • Speed up the direct mail process without the need to address and sort mailers

  • No mailing permit required

  • Easy, affordable, and effective way of dispersing direct mail

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EDDM is NOT for everyone!

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EDDM works for services or products that everyone needs! For instance, EDDM is perfect for dry cleaning, retail stores, churches, gyms, restaurants, and more. On the other hand, if your organization offers niche products or services, EDDM is NOT for you because the mailer targets a wide geographical area, not a specific target. For example, if your company sells vegan products; you would want to send direct mail directly to vegans through a targeted mailing list. Click here to read more about targeted mailing lists! 

The Addressers has successfully worked with these businesses/organizations in the past:

  • Restaurants

  • Auto Dealerships

  • Gyms

  • Dentists and Orthodontists

  • Churches

  • Nonprofits

  • Moving and Storage Companies

  • Dry Cleaners

  • Contractors and Home Services

  • Attorneys

  • Political Campaigns

  • Retail Stores

  • Realtors

  • Local Medical Professionals

  • And MORE!

And we do far more than just EDDM!

Addressers is a full-service marketing and mailing company for over 40 years. We are one of the leading providers for mailing in the nation. Our team of professionals can handle your entire campaign from designing, printing, mailing, mailing servicefulfillment servicedigital & offset printing, and mailing list service.

Check our unique offerings to boost your response rate:

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