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Meet the Team

Meet the people at Addressers who commit to high standards in direct mail and fulfillment. From postcard mailing to mailing lists, we have your back!

Meet the Team

For over 40 years The Addressers have been maintaining the high standard it is committed to in the business of direct mail and fulfillment. Addressers have excelled in ways and means to keep up with the fast growing business brought about by the advancement of technology to be more innovative and creative in the processes and services that it can extend to each client. The key personnel, themselves, have experience in the industry for more than 25 years. From the time mail sorting was done by hand to the present use of complex software and hardware to process mails, the pioneers at Addressers were properly honed for the industry. With the changing times comes the changing of rules and the development of more mailing requirements, the Addressers keeps abreast with all these changes as we serve our long-existing clients as well as our new clients. Starting as a decent company, driven by a strong motivation to grow in this business, we have recently moved to a 25,000 square feet facility which houses a large array of equipment and a warehouse space to accommodate your direct mail needs. We offer fast mailing service including next day printing at a very considerable and competitive price. But do not take our word for it because all you need to do is try our services to find out why we have a 5-star Google user rating and get to know how we can work with you specific to your mailing and fulfillment service needs.

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Kent Moon    

With over 30 years of experience in direct marketing, Kent brings a strategic strength to The Addressers that empowers you with fresh solutions and efficiencies for all your marketing campaigns. Kent began in the industry as a database programmer for a major direct marketing company that mailed over 50 million pieces a year. He then moved up to Vice President of Operations/Data Systems for another mailing service and fulfillment company. In 2003, he became the President/Owner of the company you now know as The Addressers with his mission: Achieving peak performance to speed your mailings out the door while saving you money.




Maribel Sison

What do you get when you team up with a direct marketing expert who's been in the business from the good ol' days of hand-sorting to today's advanced in-house technology at The Addressers? You get Maribel—dedicated to speeding your campaigns to your clients and prospects quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. Her strength in database programming and her previous experience as Data Systems Manager for a large mailing service and fulfillment company ensure a wealth of knowledge she'll apply to every mailing and marketing campaign you bring to The Addressers.




Donna Mejia

Donna is one of the reasons why you enjoy a big savings advantage at The Addressers. Working as an account manager, programmer and data processor, she has an eagle's eye for efficiency—which streamlines the process to save time and money. She's highly trained in Management Information Systems, and brings over 20 years of direct marketing experience to the job.


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Cynthia Garcia

With over 25 years of experience in Direct Mail, Business Development and Corporate Management, Cynthia has joined the Addressers’ team as our new General Manager. She plans and directs the day to day operations including Human Resources while formulating company structure and policies. Giving her full attention to detail, Cynthia is there to quickly provide solutions and prepare the Company as we continue to grow at a rapid pace..




Lucy Zavala

Some people have a natural talent for multi-tasking. At The Addressers, Lucy can juggle the smallest details of every account, respond to your questions with concise answers, ensure your project speeds through the system, and never drop the ball. And with all this going on in the background, she'll still make you feel like you're our one and only client.




Lorena Lugardo

You know how important attention to detail can be in mailing and fulfillment. That's why Lorena is the perfect person to ensure your campaigns are planned and executed with precision, and released to the post office with speed—so they reach your clients and prospects on schedule.




Ellie Wolfe

Ellie has several years of experience in customer service environment where she had to multitask and resolve often complicated issues.  Her multitasking skills and attention to detail makes her a perfect fit for our team. Through these traits, she can secure and maintain client relationships. With her meticulous attention to detail, she can ensure that all your jobs will run smoothly from the beginning up to the end.




Miguel Lopez

As a valuable worker and former part time bindery operator, Miguel Lopez has proven that hard work and dedication can result in better job opportunities. He possesses great leadership capability and maintains a good rapport with his co-workers.  As our new Production Supervisor, Miguel takes the lead in directing our Production team to ensure that our customer’s needs are met and the jobs flow smoothly.




Edgar Gamboa

In 2016, Edgar Gamboa joins the Addressers  with a 10 year experience in Digital Printing. He is also multi-skilled with a Background in Photography and some graphic design.  Edgar is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. He works closely with his team members and coordinates efficiently with other departments to make sure your printing projects run smoothly.




Jesus Rio

Jesus Rio joined The Addressers in January 2019 Before joining Addressers he has several years of experience in Digital Printing/Production in a direct mail company. As a result, he has quickly adapted and understood the workflow at the Addressers’ environment and has been making great contribution to our Digital Printing Department. His best quality is his reliability and dependability in producing quality prints for our clients.




Snooky Tandoc

As one of the data processors in the Data Department, Snooky does an exemplary job. The bulk of the presorting jobs go to her and she finishes them efficiently and on schedule.  She recently joined our team as a data processor but she got up to speed in a very short time. Her willingness to learn and to grow in the Company makes her one of the assets of the Company.



Fulfillment Supervisor

Donaliza Boots

Donaliza started as a warehouse associate trained in sorting and packing mails. Her hard work and dedication led her to become the Fulfillment Department Supervisor.  With her leadership skills, she maintains an accurate and efficient way for her team to meet the warehouse demands.  She goes above and beyond what is asked of her to get the jobs out in a timely manner.