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Snap Pack (Pressure Seal) Mailer

Snap Pack Mailer is an unique, low-cost direct mail solution. Snap Pack pressure sealed mailing catches attention and will increase open rates and ROI!

Snap Pack Mailer


Learn why Snap Pack Mailer and Pressure Sealed Direct Mail produces BIG results! 

Snap Pack Mailer and Pressure Sealed Direct Mail is your direct mail marketing solution!

Snap Pack Mailer (a.k.a. Pressure Sealed Mailer) is an unique direct mail marketing solution that immediately captures the attention of recipients because of its strong appearance of urgency and importance.  Industry studies have show that snap pack mailers have an astounding 95% open rate because of its “important” design. This direct mail piece and its lucrative ability to grab the attention of receivers has continuously demonstrated to boost responses and to have high returns on investments (R.O.I.)!

Snap Pack Mailers are pressure sealed direct mailings that are perforated on two or three sides of the mailing for quick and easy opening. This allows the recipient to easily tear off the mailing and reveal your important and time-sensitive message within the piece. Snap Packs are used effectively for most industries looking to take advantage of this cost-effective direct mail marketing strategy.

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  • Our in-house and state-of-the-art printing and pressure sealing equipment allows us to guarantee:

    • Lowest rates and highest quality of any competitors

    • Full Turnkey Service

    • Next Day Turnaround Capability!

  • Work with our team of professional designers to create standard or customizable designs

  • Take advantage of our up-to-date and accurate targeted mailing lists to get your message to the right recipients

    • i.e. create the perfect targeted mailing lists by choosing recipients by demographics, income, who recently purchased a car/home, and more!

  • Mail your Snap Packs with or without an envelope

  • Snap Packs in color or B&W

  • Unlimited Variable Data

  • Complete Mailing Service: Addressers is a full service mailing company that can save you time and money by having all our services in-house including printing, pressure sealing, packaging, folding, and mailing.

Snap Pack Direct Mailer is Effective For: 

  • Tax Professionals

  • Accountants

  • Marketing in Health Services

  • Lawyers

  • Political Campaigns

  • Consumer Marketing

  • Rebate Checks

  • Automotive Advertisements

  • Loan Modification Instructions

  • Credit Bureau Mailings

  • Tuition Bills

  • Direct Deposit Checks/Receipts

  • Reverse Mortgage and Mortgage Documents

  • Credit Card Suggestions

  • Federal Aid Checks

  • Coupons

  • Medical Statements

  • Voter Registration Forms

  • Year End 1099 Forms

  • DMV Renewal Forms

  • Debt Reduction Documents

  • IRS, W2 Documents

  • Education Report Cards

  • City Tax Bills

And we do far more than just Snap Pack Mailers! 

Addressers is a full-service marketing and mailing company for over 40 years. We are one of the leading providers for mailing in the nation. Our team of professionals can handle your entire campaign from designing, printing, mailing, mailing servicefulfillment servicedigital & offset printing, and mailing list service.

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