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Post It Note Mailer

Post-It Note Mailer

Increase your response with Post-It Note mailer


Get noticed in the mail box with Post-It note!

Our Post-It note is approved by USPS.  You can put it on outside envelope or letter inside as a part of the letter.  We can variable print or hand write post it note.

Post-It note will get immediate notice in a mail box, and consumers will peel off the note and use to keep phone number and redeem as a coupon!

Our Post-It note is automatically applied by our high speed machine and printed with variable data, thus, lowering cost of Post-It note mailer.  You will just pay few cents extra to have Post-It note on your mailer.

post-it notes will help you:

  • Increase your response rate
  • Personalized message help you connect with your audience
  • Get immediate notice in the mail box

post-note can be easily peed off and used for:

  • Keep phone number and website for future use.
  • Coupon to redeem at store.
  • Reminder for future event

Addressers advantage:

  • Lower cost: Notes are affixed with our high speed machine
  • Personalized Post-It note
  • Full color personalized Post-It note at no extra charge
  • Fast service: We have large number of equipment to process your order.  Next day service available.
  • Mail tracking: We will track your mail at no extra cost