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Contact the right prospects with our Targeted Mailing List and Email List Service. Effectively define your marketing campaigns to boost success!

Targeted Mailing Lists

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Let our Targeted Mailing Lists boost your Marketing Campaigns

The foundation of every successful direct mail campaign is deeply dependent upon sending your message to the right audience. Get your direct mail message to the proper customers with the Addressers.

The Addressers’ Targeted Mailing List Service allows you to specifically target prospects from business lists, consumer lists, and new mover lists. To maximize effectiveness, you can narrow down the mailing list precisely to your audience. For instance, specify your customer mailing lists to a certain age, annual income, new parents, certain business industries, etc. Our team will get the data segmentation you need for an organized, accurately targeted data-driven direct mail list.

Addressers uses only reputable national list compilers to get list for our customers so our customers can enjoy best possible ROI in their marketing efforts. Learn more information on accuracy of our list and what we guarantee.


benefits of using mailing lists with addressers

  • Target customers who are more likely to purchase your services/products

  • Our data list provider has been a leading provider of targeted mailing lists

  • Track your mailing with our top-rated tracking technology

  • Save crucial money and time by not sending direct mail to uninterested and unrelated audiences

  • Data is updated and refreshed weekly and duplicates are erased

Who would you like to reach and contact?

Business Lists

Target businesses by their location from ZIP code, radius, county, city, area code, or state. Also you can specify businesses by industry type, # of employees, annual sales, warehouse size, # of computers and more.

Consumer lists

Reach consumers by their location from ZIP code, radius, county, city, area code, and state.  Target consumers by their annual income, age, gender, new parents, occupation, ethnicity, home owner, renters and more.

New mover lists

Be the first to welcome new movers into their neighborhoods and introduce your product and service to these new homeowners.  Target new movers by their location from ZIP Code, radius, county, city, area code, state and more.

Targeted Mailing Programs

New Mover MAiler

Due to the unique aspect and high demand of new mover mailing lists, the Addressers has formulated an efficient, fully turnkey, and cost-effective program for businesses looking to target new movers.  On a monthly basis, your business will greet and interact with new movers with a call-to-action, irresistible offer.

New movers are looking for new dentists, churches, restaurants, appliance stores, schools, mechanics, and other services/products.  Under New Mover Mailer with Addressers, your business will be the first to welcome new movers into the neighborhood with a custom designed, full-color and high quality, variable postcard and an irresistible, call-to-action offer.

Learn more about our New Mover Mailer program