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Political Campaign Mailer

When it comes to running a successful political campaign, political direct mail is still a persuasive and efficient tool to reach voters!

 Political Campaign Mailer


Research continually reveals that direct mail is considered one of the most effective and credible forms of political advertising. In fact, the USPS conducted a study that studied the effectiveness of different forms of political outreach, and direct mail was ranked first as the most credible form of political advertising at 68% by active voters, followed by TV ads 59% and in home visits 47%! When it comes to running a successful political campaign, it is evident that political direct mail is still a persuasive and efficient tool to reach voters!

Reasons Why Direct Mail Will Win You Votes!

  • Lands directly in the hands of your target audience through voter data and customizable campaign mailing lists!

    • Customizable by active voters, geographic, demographic, income, age, political party, registered to vote and more!

  • Cheaper marketing alternative compared to TV Ads or digital ads that will eventually deplete your marketing budget; achieves the same job at a fraction of the cost!

  • Personalization! Address your audience by name and address such as “Hey John” to captivate their attention and persuade them to read more!

    • Adding a person's name and utilizing full color in the direct mail can INCREASE response by 135%

  • Cost-effective way to increase name awareness and highlight your message in an instant to a large audience!

  • Stand out of the clutter of emails and internet ads, give your audience something tangible to hold!

How We Can Help Your Next Political Campaign

We offer high quality postcards of various sizes including the standard postcard sizes of 6 x 11, 8.5 x 5.5, 8.5 x 11. In addition, we also do 11 x 17 folds. The postcards are digital, variable, full-color direct mail postcards on 14 pt. stock. Our printing and mailing capabilities are not limited to postcards! In the past, we have done unique mailings for political campaigns to really capture the attention of voters including pot holders and printable door hangers. We can do basically every type of political direct mailing.

We work alongside top-of-the-line voter data and mailing list companies in order to develop the perfect voter list for your political campaign! Customization include active voters, geographic, demographic, income, age, political party, registered to vote and more!

Learn why Addressers is the Best Option for Political Campaign Mailing!

  • We are a one-stop, no hassle solution to all your political campaign mailing needs from design, printing, mailing lists, and mailing!

  • Work with our marketing experts and in-house design team to establish the perfect postcard design, a proper schedule for mailers, and choose your political direct mail goals; ultimately creating a stress-free political campaign mailing!

  • Take advantage of our exclusive postage rates to have the lowest costs of all our competitors!

  • Utilize the best voter data and voting mailing lists that the market has to offer through our developed connections!

  • We offer variable postcard data printing or personalized postcards, in other words the postcard will address each recipient by name, boosting ROI and response rates!

  • We’ve worked with politicians for years and we’ll show you results!


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And we do far more than just Political Campaign Mailings!

Addressers is a full-service marketing and mailing company for over 40 years. We are one of the leading providers for mailing in the nation. Our team of professionals can handle your entire campaign from designing, printing, mailing, mailing servicefulfillment servicedigital & offset printing, and mailing list service.

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