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Direct Mail Service

At the Addressers, we have in-house, state-of-the-art equipment for all your mailing service needs from printing, folding, addressing, inserting ...etc., so we can handle your entire mail preparation costs for only a few cent each.

Direct Mail Service



Mailing on your own consumes valuable time and money. For instance, mailing on your own is expensive, as a USPS first class postage rate is $.55 each.  However if you use a top-rated direct mail company like Addressers who provides mailing and fulfillment service, you can send your mails as a marketing mail (Standard Class) at around $.28 each.  If you are a non-profit organization, your postage will be at an even lower. (Minimum number of pieces required for these rate is 200 pieces.)

At the Addressers, we have in-house, state-of-the-art equipment for all your mailing service needs from printing, folding, addressing, inserting ...etc., so we can handle your entire mail preparation costs for only a few cent each.  Even if you have your own printers to print letters, envelopes and postcards, our cost of printing is far much lower than your cost of printing after adding all the fees for paper, toner usage, time to print...etc. Click here to see our top-rated equipment.


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Direct mail advertising (direct mail) is one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing strategies available. It works very well for some companies but not for every business and every situation.  There are several factors to consider:

  • Cost: The typical cost of mailing 5,000 pieces is from $1,500 to $3,000, depending on the type of mailers you are sending out. This cost includes postage per mail piece to send through the United States Postal System. It ranges from 16.5 cents each to 29.1 cents each for letter-size mailer. Due to the high cost of direct mail advertising, if you are selling small ticket goods or services, it is often a challenge to justify the cost of direct mail advertising.

  • Return on Investment (ROI): In order for you to continue using direct mail advertising, you will need to set an acceptable ROI. You cannot continue to spend on advertising without getting some returns on your mailings. You need to be able to either generate enough revenue or spread enough awareness for future revenue. Even though you are not recovering initial investments right after your mailings, you will need to take into consideration the "life-time" value of new customers you may acquire. Learn more on ROI and Response Rates.

  • Availability of quality mailing list: If you have a large base of existing customers, this is an ideal situation for your direct mail advertising because those customers already know you and are more likely to respond to your mail. If you do not have existing customer list, the Addressers can create a suitable, customizable mailing list specific to your clientele and for your direct advertising campaign. We can provide trade list (businesses) and consumer list (individual or household) with many different demographic and geographic information such as number of employees, household income level, net worth, ethnicity ...etc. Contact us to see if we can find a list suitable to your mailing needs.

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WHAT OPTIONS DO I HAVE FOR direct mail advertising?

Here are a few of the many direct mail services the Addressers offer. Click here to see more. 

 Listed from low to high cost:

Here are postage options.  Listed from low to high cost:


Most of people overestimate the effectiveness of direct mail advertising, so they end up mailing to a small number of targets.  It is difficult to gauge the effectiveness of a direct mailing when initial mailing sizes are too small.  The Addressers recommend a minimum of 5000 pieces for the first test mailing (2500 pieces mailer may work on some cases).  Also, when you mail to a small quantity, your unit costs are much higher than a larger quantity mailing.  Printing, data work, and mailing preparation require some setup time, so when the quantity is too small, you end up paying a much higher cost per piece.  For instance, the unit cost of a certain postcard mailing of 500 pieces is $0.85 each while the same postcard can be mailed at less than $0.38 when you mail 5000 pieces.



We have professional graphics designers who can assist you at a nominal fee.  A typical postcard design will be at $75.

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