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Automotive Mailing List

We have most accurate automotive mailing list with many different demographic selections. Elevate your next mailing campaign today!

Velocity Automotive Mailing Lists


Data driven direct mail is effective because it targets those who will most likely purchase your product and service! The benefits include saving money and resources, boosting your ROI, and elevating your response rates!

The Addressers offers the best automotive mailing list in the country! With highly accurate automotive information and comprehensive counts, Velocity Automotive files have a 94% average deliverability and utilizes hundreds of reliable source to compile this data.

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Velocity File Description

The Velocity Auto file is a premium auto mailing list compiled from the ground up through sales and servicing of new and used vehicles, as well as other third-party sources. Collection methods undergo extensive due diligence to be 100% compliant with all state and federal laws.

Velocity is now available with our sophisticated count and order system. Run complex reporting, segments, multi-location radii and more, all with the best auto data on the market!


Velocity automotive file Advantages


• The largest and most up-to-date VIN-driven automobile mailing list in the country of approximately 178 million records in total.

• Multi-sourced from over 900 million records which allows us to validate, corroborate and provide the more accurate and complete records.

• Each base record comes standard with twenty free selects, including common demographics (age, income, gender, marital status, etc.) and a multitude of auto selects (see left margin).

• Full VIN is also available for output.

• Unique field called Last Seen, verifies the last date a transaction on the auto has been recorded. This is a great way to filter out older cars that may have been disposed of or transferred in a non-traditional way.

• Fully compliant with all regulations and laws including the DPAA and Shelby Amendment.

• Proprietary methods to scrub out records where the vehicle is not on the road, including suppressing vehicles that currently show up on dealer websites, vehicles exported out of the USA, and those that have become salvaged vehicles, and more.

• We can append Kelly Blue Book or Black Book values easily to data files.

• Emails available for output on approximately 35% of our Auto file.



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