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Priority Mail Open and Ditribute

PMOD (Priority Mail Open and Distribute)


PMOD is relatively unknown way to send out your mailer…

Most of people are familiar with two mailing options - marketing mail (aka bulk mail or standard mail) and first class mail. However, there is 3rd option that lies in between these to options. It is called Priority Mail Open and Distribute (PMOD). Here is how it works:

Step 1: Prepare mailers as marketing mail with SCF drop ship postage rate.

Step 2: Pack tray into orange bags and ship them to SCF location via Priority Mail. Orange bags usually arrives at SCF in 1 day.

Step 3: Once orange bag arrives at local SCF location, it enters into normal marketing mail stream. It takes average 2 days to reach home.

so when do it use it?

Let say you are located in West Coast. If you send out via Marketing Mail, it can take up to 2 week to reach East Coast address. That may be too long if your offer is time sensitive nature.

PMOD has average delivery date of 3 to 4 days anywhere in US because PMOD bags are sent priority mail usually arriving at destination post office (SCF) the next day. Basically, you are getting “almost” first class delivery speed at discount rate.

As of today (Feb 2019), first class presorted rate (AADC rate) is about $.41, while PMOD is around $.32 each, so there is $.09 saving per piece.

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CAn i use pmod for all my mailing?

PMOD works only when you have enough number of mailers to a state or to a metropolitan area because the entire orange bag have be ship to local PO (SCF). If you mailing is spread to all over the US, PMOD will not work because there are too many SCF to ship to.

Auto dealership mailer works well with PMOD because mailers are targeted to a relatively small local area from a dealership. Mortgage mailer targeting specific states also works well because we can send orange bags to each states.