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Saturation Mailing

Saturation mailing is effective because it targets a majority of addresses in an area by following a carrier route list, provides the lowest bulk postage rates, and boosts in-store or online visits.

Saturation Mailing


saturation mailing is the solution to reach large amounts of potential customers for very little cost!

Does your business/organization sell products or services for anyone to use? Are you looking for a way to deliver your direct mail to a large geographical area? Saturation Mailing is your cost-effective and efficient solution!

Saturation mailing targets a majority of addresses in an area by following a carrier route list provided by the USPS. Due to this already established mailing route, saturation mailing provides the lowest bulk postage rates making this direct mailing very affordable. This type of direct mailing is great for businesses/organizations attempting to spread knowledge of their business and boost in-store or online visits. It is important to state that Saturation Mailing is a little more expensive than EDDM due to its customization and segmentation!

In order to qualify for this low postage rate, the saturation mail must be within the 90/75 rule! You must mail to at least 90 percent of residential addresses or at least 75 percent of the total number of residential and business addresses in a given carrier route to qualify!

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Benefits of EDDM

  • Consistent: Reach the same audience multiple times by following the same route!

  • Reach Capability: Ability to reach out to most households in a geographic location for little to no cost.

  • Better Response Rates: Personalization improves response rates and customization avoids unwanted targets

  • Cost-Effective: Postage rates are a fraction for what you pay for other direct mailers

    • Nonprofits receive an additional postage cost reduction

  • No Mailing Lists: You are using carrier routes or zip codes provided by the USPS

    • Saves you additional direct mail costs for mailing lists

  • Easy, affordable, and effective way of dispersing direct mail

Saturation Mailing is NOT for everyone!

Saturation Mailing works for services or products that everyone needs! For instance, Saturation mailing is perfect for dry cleaning, retail stores, churches, gyms, restaurants, and more. On the other hand, if your organization offers niche products or services, Saturation mailing is NOT for you because the mailer targets a wide geographical area, not a specific target. You are better off using a targeted mailing list!

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