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Highly Effective Direct Mail Ads

Three Components of Creating a Successful Direct Mail Campaign


Tips on Creating Highly Effective Direct Mail Advertisements

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List is by far the most important components of successful direct mailer.

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4 Ingredients of Direct Mail Marketing that Sells

  • ATTENTION Think about the biggest benefit your product or service can provide and dramatize it.

  • INTEREST Now that you’ve got your customers’ attention, hold their interest with details about what you’re selling –in short, simple sentences.

  • DESIRE Give your customer an opportunity to imagine what it’s like to own and use your product, using pictures and/or detailed descriptions. Focus on benefits rather than features.

  • ACTION Don’t forget to ask for the order. Give a compelling reason to reply or place an order within a reasonable timeframe for the best lead generation results.


5 Habits of Highly Effective Direct Mail Ads

Direct mail marketing can do a lot for you if you follow these guidelines:

  • THEY’RE SIMPLE A marketing piece has to get someone’s attention. Simple headlines work best.

  • THEY’RE TIMELY Do you have a timely message for your customers? Use it.

  • THEY’RE PRINTED ON BOTH SIDES Your Ad has two sides. Use them. Remember to keep it simple.

  • THEY’RE ATTRACTIVE That way, it might hang on the customer’s corkboard or desktop as a reminder to visit you.

  • THEY’RE MEASURABLE Ask people to present the ad at a tradeshow for a special discount, add a unique extension to the phone number for tracking purposes and use the card as a mail back postcard.