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Postal Drop Shipping

Postal Drop Shipping or Drop Ship Mail is the cost and time saving delivery option for your next direct mail campaign!

Postal Drop Shipping

What is Postal Drop Shipping?

Postal Drop Shipping or Drop Ship Mail was developed by the USPS in order to reduce its operating costs. The USPS now provides postage discounts to mailers who deliver their direct mailings to a postal facility closer to their destination region, saving the USPS time and money trying to organize and manage your mailings from further facilities.

Who is postal drop shipping best for?

Postal Drop Shipping is best for mailing projects that are geographically concentrated in one city or county. The direct mail projects must be large enough to offset the delivery costs to the postal facility. The Addressers and their well-trained staff can help you determine if you qualify!

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Addressers’ advantage

Postal Drop Shipping utilizes a very complicated process in order to determine whether or not your direct mailings qualify for the postage discounts. However, the Addressers has the latest technology and expertise to advise you with the most cost-efficient delivery option! We have saved valuable time and money for our past clients and we guarantee:

  • Faster delivery

  • Lower postage rates due to discounts from the USPS

  • More predictable delivery date

Postal Drop Shipping or Drop Ship Mail is the cost and time saving delivery option for your next direct mail campaign!

And we do far more than just Drop Ship Mailing!

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