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How to Make the Most Out of Your Direct Mail Postcards

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Postcard mailing is a great solution for your next mailing campaign. Direct Mail Postcards stand out of the clutter of white envelope mail immediately catching your eye!

In fact, the statistics speak for themselves. For instance, postcards guarantee a 100% open rate as the message on the postcard is already revealed to the recipient. Also, according to the Direct Market Association, postcard marketing yields the cheapest cost-per-lead compared to all other marketing methods: postcards ($56.10), email ($55.24), print ads ($60.50), and telemarketing ($190.49). And 56% of consumers will act on postcards, making them the most read direct mail pieces. The statistics can go on and on as it is evident that direct mail postcards are an beneficial marketing tactic.

The Tips Below Will Make Your Direct Mail Postcards a Success:

Keep a Clean Headline

Direct mail postcards are not made to throw a bunch of information about your services and products onto a page. Postcards are to quickly and simply communicate a clear message about your product/service that can be read hastily by your prospect

Use a Target Mailing List

By far the most important aspect of a successful postcard mailing campaign is sending your postcards to the right recipient. In fact, it is the most important part of any mailing campaign. This can be achieved by purchasing a targeted mailing list where you can specify and create your own mailing list by demographic, income, gender, etc. And this will not only ensure that your postcards will reach prospects that are interested in your business but also boost your response rates and return on investments.

Call To Action

Another vital aspect of your direct mail postcard is a visible and quick Call to Action. A Call to Action is informing your prospects precisely what you would like for them to do next. Generally, it is an action that will somehow get the receivers to make contact with your business. For instance, common Call to Actions are visits to websites, follows on social media accounts, in-person visits to stores, restaurants, and even call requests for estimates.

Include an Offer or Coupon

An excellent Call To Action tactic is offering a coupon and offer. Any offer will incentivise receivers to either call or come in for a visit. The call or visit to your business is where you are given this precious opportunity to create a connection with customers and convince them to use your service/product, creating a life-time customer. And everybody likes free things. For instance, you can offer a FREE realignment or a FREE entrée.

Conclusion About Postcard Mailing:

Postcard Mailing is far from dead. Direct Mail postcards are only effective if your postcards are designed and structured the right way! Take advantage of postcard mailings and make your next marketing campaign a success!

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