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How to Create an Irresistible Call to Action

What is a Call to Action (CTA)?

A CTA is an encouragement for potential customers to take a desired action such as subscribing, purchasing products/services, inputing personal information, and more. CTAs has always been an essential aspect of marketing because it leads potential customers towards your ultimate end goal. In fact, even if you master all other aspects of creating the perfect direct mail campaign, your entire effort would be wasted with a poor call to action! Elevate your next direct mailing with an effective Call to Action!

The Tips Below Will Make Your Call To Action Irresistible

Define the Ultimate Goal

What is the reasoning behind this direct mail campaign? Are you trying to get these potential customers to increase subscriptions, purchase products/services, or collect personal information for future use. Once you understand the reasoning and purpose behind this marketing campaign, you are able to formulate the perfect CTA to achieve this end goal.

Explain the Benefits

This aspect of the Call to Action provides the reasons why the audience should act. What value will they be getting by following the action? Essentially, make sure the benefits to the Call to Action are clear in order to incentivize this action. For instance, have a special offer, give away something free, provide a discount, offer a free quote, and more! G

Sense of Urgency

Encourage a rapid response and get the potential customers to act right away by adding keywords such as “Today!” and “Now!”. Other ways to add a sense of urgency is to state that there is a limited quantity or an expiration date to the offer.


Make it easy for your audience. Only offer one Call to Action. Do not make it too complicated for your audience because there is a risk that the complication or unclearness will lead to the risk of losing them before they take the action.


Personalize this Call to Action to evoke emotion from your audience. Connect with them on a more personal level by addressing them by their first and last name. Give them another reason to take this Call to Action!

Follow Through

Once you have asked customers to take the initial CTA, what’s the next step towards the end goal that we initially defined. We have their attention and they have already taken one step, so it is important not to lose them! Create a secondary CTA such as “Buy Now”, “RSVP Here” or “Call Now” to achieve the final goal.

Conclusions About Call to Action

Don’t let your next direct mailing go to waste! Create an effective CTA that minimizes risk and gives confidence to your receiving audience to take action. Remember, define the ultimate goal, explain the benefits, create a sense of urgency, simplify the CTA, follow through, and personalize!

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