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How to Create A Political Direct Mail Postcard That Wins Votes!

Political marketing campaigns are constantly oversaturated with TV ads, blast junk emails, digital ads, and more. Looking for a way to stand out of this digital clutter and connect with potential voters on a more personal level? Would you like to blanket an entire geographical area with your name and message? Political direct mail postcards is a cost-effective and proven solution that should be taken advantage of in every political campaign.

The Tips Below Will Help Create A Winning Political Postcard

  • Personalization! Addressing your audience by name and address, ex: “Hey John”, creates an instant personal connection!

  • Use a customized mailing list! Design a mailing list utilizing voter data that will get your political postcards in the hands of potential voters.

    • Don’t waste your money sending political postcards to people who would never vote for you

    • A bad mailing list is guaranteed to ruin any political mailing campaign!

  • Quickly let your audience know what you stand for/why you are running! You only have seconds to convince your audience to vote for you.

  • Plan ahead and mail at engaging times! Drop dates of the postcards should be around collection points such as voting dates, early/absentee voting dates, and fundraising deadlines. 

    • Sending mail after these key collection dates are potentially useless!

  • General Goal of Political Postcards: Make yourself known through name awareness, what you look like, what you stand for, and potential negative points about opponents.

Conclusion About Political Campaign Mailing

Political Postcard Mailing is a proven tactic that all political campaigns should take full advantage of! Political postcards can help you achieve your marketing goals at a fraction of a cost compared to any other form of marketing. Make your next political campaign a victory!

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If you have more questions about political direct mail postcards or need any help with your marketing campaign, feel free to call the Addressers marketing experts at (800) 961-4877 or send an email to