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New Mover Lists

We have weekly up-to-date new mover list and new homeowner list available. Make your next direct mail campaign a success!

New Mover Lists


Why target new movers?

New movers are actively searching for businesses in their neighborhoods to meet their demands. This ultimately makes new movers to be great prospects for dentists, churches, restaurants, appliance stores, schools and other service/products. Be the first to contact these new movers and seize this profitable marketing opportunity with the Addressers’ new mover lists!

The statistics speak for themselves

  • New movers spend on average $9,500 within the first three months of moving in

  • Around 38 million homeowners move around the US per year

  • An average household in the US moves around every 7 years

  • New movers spend more in the first 3-6 months in their new homes than they will spend in the next 3 years

  • Around 75% of new movers purchase major move-related products and services such as furniture, electronics, remodeling, appliances, etc

Addressers' Advantage

Our exclusive new mover mailing list is formed from our top-rated database on new movers across the U.S.. This data is compiled from private and public data, home sales, USPS, telephone service providers, and other multiple sources. The Addressers can uniquely build a personal, new mover mailing list that targets your prospects for your business/organization.  Customize and build a new mover mailing list by choosing demographic and geographic types. Reach out to this untapped source of customers with new mover mailing lists by the Addressers. Learn more about Targeted Mailing Lists

  • The Addressers' consumer mailing lists guarantee lowest prices compared to any competitors! You get even lower discounted rate if you use our mailing service.

  • The Addressers' high quality and accurate consumer mailing lists guarantee the highest deliverability rate!

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New Movers Mailing Service

New Mover Mailer

Looking for a cost effective, easier and full-turnkey solution to target new movers? The Addressers has formulated an efficient program for businesses looking to target new movers.  Let the New Mover Mailer do all the work for you! On a monthly basis, your business will greet and interact with new movers with a call-to-action, irresistible offer.

  Under New Mover Mailer with Addressers, your business will be the first to welcome new movers into the neighborhood with a custom designed, full-color and high quality, variable postcard and an irresistible, call-to-action offer.

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