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Tips to Prevent Your Direct Mail Being Viewed as Junk Mail

Photo of Pen Addressing Mailer: Mimics handwriting and captures the attention of recipients!

One of the biggest difficulties of direct mail advertising is to eliminate the perception of being junk mail. Everyone knows what junk mail looks like in the mailbox and immediately it is thrown in the trash. This article is not written to dissuade you from direct mailing services, but to demonstrate that slight changes to any direct mailing can go a long way and revolutionize your direct mail advertising! 

Below are a few quick tips on how your direct mail can stand out in a mailbox:

  • Use a targeted mailing list! Get your direct mail in the hands of potential customers by creating a mailing list that is customized for your customers. Give them a reason to open your direct mail!

  • Perfectly time your direct mail with targeted mailing lists! Send the right message at the perfect time and understand when your audience needs your service/product the most! 

    • For example: Using Targeted Mailing Lists, send local new movers direct mailings for your renovating companies and gyms!

    • For example: Send your campaign mailings and fundraising direct mailings at key moments before an election!

  • Personalization! Addressing your recipient by name, for instance “Hello John”, immediately captures their attention and gives them a reason to open your mailing!

  • Have a clear & irresistible Call to Action! A Call to Action is an encouragement with an attached offering for potential customers to take a desired action!

  • Utilize handwritten addressing! This is another unique strategy for direct mail to immediately capture the attention of the receiver.

  • Attach a Post-It Note on your direct mail! Adding quirky attachments like a post-it note to your direct mail is another way to stand out of the clutter!


With the overflow of direct mail that floods mailboxes on a daily basis, consumers have become aware of junk mail and where it belongs: the trash. However, there are ways direct mail can avoid being perceived as junk mail, and this includes using a mailing list, personalization, effective Call to Actions, handwritten addressing, post-it notes, and more!

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