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EDDM vs Targeted Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM) and Targeted Direct Mailing are two effective direct mail strategies that should be chosen based on your direct mail goals!  For instance, would you like to have a mass reach or to re-connect with past/current customers? Do you have a product/service that appeals to basically anyone or do you offer a niche and selective product/service?

EDDM and Targeted Mailing are both excellent solutions for direct mail advertising; however, choosing the correct method of mailing has an immense impact on the results of the direct mail campaign! 

Quick Description

Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM): An USPS mail service that follows a pre-established carrier route and delivers to each address in this route. Excellent for broad products/services that anyone can use and for reaching out to large groups of potential customers who are unaware of your products/services.

Targeted Mailing: Utilizes a customized mailing list and sends your direct mail to whoever you would like to target. Effective for re-connecting with past/current customers and for very niche products that require their audience to be targeted.

EDDM Advantages

  • Spread your message throughout large groups of potential customers

  • Cheaper, affordable way to spread your message through discounted postage rates

  • No mailing lists required

  • Easily target certain geographic areas

  • EDDM is excellent for: restaurants, gyms, political campaigns, and more

Targeted Direct Mail Advantages

  • Mailing lists allow more specific and effective mailing

    • Mailing lists are customizable to pertain to your company

    • Segmentations include age, household characteristics, income, gender, and more!

  • Personalization boosts ROI, open rates, and response rates by including the recipient's name and address

  • Accurate mailings go directly to your target audience

  • Targeted Direct Mail is excellent for: real estate agents, specific home services, and more!


Every Door Direct Mail and Targeted Direct Mail are two amazing advertising strategies that are proven to make a difference! It is important to choose the best strategy for your company/organization and to maximize the strengths of each method!

Unsure which method is best for you! Learn more about EDDM and Targeted Direct Mailing here!

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If you have more questions about EDDM or Targeted Direct Mailing or need any help with your marketing campaign, feel free to call the Addressers marketing experts at (800) 961-4877 or send an email to