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Reasons Why Direct Mail Is An Effective Marketing Strategy


It is difficult to deny the recent rise of digital marketing in the advertising world. Anyone online can view the advertising shift businesses are making towards online marketing through emails, online displays, and social media ads.  However, before you waste your marketing budget, it is vital to understand the unique relevance and effectiveness of direct mail as an advertising strategy. The reasons and statistics below clearly demonstrate why direct mail is an advantageous opportunity for any business or organization looking to grow and help their business! 

Reason 1: Higher R.O.I. and Response Rates

According to the Direct Mail Association (DMA), direct mail produces a high average of 4.4% response rates compared to 0.6% response rates via email, 0.6% via paid searches, 0.2% via online displays, and 0.4% via social media. The direct mail response rates speak for themselves. Moreover, R.O.I. or Return on Investment is at a convincing median of 29% for direct mail! Read more about ROI and how it is calculated with direct mail. 

Reason 2: Targets the Right Audience

Compared to digital marketing, direct mail allows you to specifically target the right audience saving you crucial time and money. Targeting with direct mail can be achieved through Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), saturation mailing, and targeted mailing lists. With direct mail, you can choose exactly who you would like to reach including certain types of businesses, consumers, demographic, ages, incomes, and more. Targeting the right audience is a vital part of a successful marketing campaign. Direct mail increases deliverability rates up to 98% the day it is delivered according to the USPS, and for digital marketing, deliverability rates can be as low as 50% for emails, due to spammers and the blocking of unsolicited emails. 

Reason 3: Direct Mail Stands Out

From a Radicati Group study, an office worker receives on average of 121 emails a day and only a handful of direct mail.  It is clear there is an overflow of emails arriving to consumers each day as advertising online is becoming more and more crowded. Direct mail provides the opportunity to be unique and to stand out to the receiver.  For instance, Pen Addressing Mailer and Post it Note Mailer are two of the numerous ways direct mail can stand out and not only boost open rates but also response rates. Don't waste your budget to be lost in a sea of emails or online advertisements. 

Reason 4: Direct Mail is Personal

Personalization is an important and lacking aspect of online marketing tactics. Statistics claim that personalization within direct mail marketing not only establishes a connection but also boosts responses even further! According to a United States Postal Service study, 56% say receiving direct mail is a real pleasure. Moreover, the same study claims that 55% look forward to discovering direct mail they receive and 67% feel direct mail is more personal than the internet! 


It's easy to overlook direct mail as a possible marketing strategy. Ignore the false reputation around direct mail. Listen to the reasons and facts. Take advantage of direct mail and make your next marketing campaign a success!

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